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The P in H.O.P.E


The Story of P.

When I told God I was willing to be an intercessor, I didn’t know He would make me director of a prayer group. God’s got jokes! As the third director of the DLM Prayer Team, I lead a prayer call that launched in 2016 after a group of women came together to learn how to command their day.The women launched a 6am prayer call to develop a more consistent “quiet time” or period of daily 

meditation, prayer and intimacy with God. That’s why the hallmark feature of the 

Monday Morning Prayer Call is a special segment called Quiet Time Moment or QTM. Each week someone on the call tells how God spoke to her during her quiet time. Offering a different flavor, the Wednesday call features testimonies and prayer requests. Each Monday and Wednesday call ends in prayer. The prayer calls are different, but the goals remain the same: To help women develop a consistent, daily time of fellowship and prayer with God.

Laura Jackson - DLM Director of Prayer

The Mission

The DLM Prayer Team shows women how to create a higher level of everyday living through daily, personal fellowship with God.


The Vision

The DLM Monday and Wednesday Morning Prayer Calls create an environment of transparency, support and world-changing faith.

The Prayer Call 

The Prayer Team leads the Monday and Wednesday 6 am Prayer Calls, prayer walks, and the New Year’s consecration activities.

Prayer Line: (319) 527-9889

The Virtual Prayer Walk


Sign up today for the Deborah Leaner Ministries Virtual Prayer Walk for Peace and Justice Even though we have to social distance right now, we still want to make our mark for justice! Join us Saturday, September 26, for a VIRTUAL prayer walk! The walking is real but the community is virtual. Participants from all over will walk and pray for their families, their friends and peace and justice in our communities. Join us at 9am on September 26 to support the prayer walk. Register to walk

today – it’s free!

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