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What is H.O.P.E.?

H.O.P.E is an Acronym that symbolizes the mission of Deborah Leaner Ministries. As an organization God has called upon the national sisterhood of DLM to be of Service to their respective communities through Helping, Outreach, Prayer, and Encouragement. Each letter allows the women who follow this ministry to extend their mission arm to their circle of influence and receive support in their daily lives in a unique way from DLM. 

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DLM's Call to Action through Hope. 


The mission arm of DLM ministries is helping homeless women and children through our  H.O.P.E. program. 

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Let's celebrate life through giving together!

Here are some ways you can Join in the Sisterhood



Outreach allows for older and deeply in need members of the community to receive much needed long term support. 

Click to listen to more Prayer Calls!


You cannot embody biblical principals without wrapping yourself in the word and giving time to prayer. See how the women of DLM invest in their spiritual health through prayer

Women with a Cause


The encouragement piece of the ministry allows for an outlet to strengthen your mental health in difficult times. We work together to teach and embrace women in being accountable for their encouragement.  

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