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The H in H.O.P.E. 


The Story of H.

The helping arm of the H.O.P.E Ministry is to help homeless women and children through mentorship. We have a passion to help homeless women and children because I was raised by a single mother after my father was killed by a drunk driver when I was eight. We know how hard it is to raise children as a single mother. We believe in these mothers and know they can do great things to build their families. Our goal is to walk alongside these women to encourage, support, and motivate them to achieve and be what God has called them to be.

Marquesca Taylor - DLM Director of Helping 

The Mission

The Help Ministry is made of women with a call to action. We are committed to serving homeless women and children through mentorship. We provide women with career

 skills classes, household management,

 parenting, resources, and self-care exercises.We share biblical principles such as God's love, kindness, faithfulness, and wisdom to experience a higher level of living.

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The Vision

The Help Ministries goal is to improve the standard of living for the homeless women and children we mentor. We believe our work will impact the homeless women and children in our communities and will change the next generation.

The Affairs of Helping 

The Help Ministry facilitates an eight-month mentorship program with homeless women and children in our community. The Help Team offers our mentees a curriculum of classes that meet monthly during the program. The classes are like interactive college courses and we teach on career development, budgeting, parenting, time management, and self-care exercises. Our first meeting will start in October 2020. The meetings will be zoom sessions, based on the current environment.

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