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Why Divine Discipleship for Sisters?

Our Value Proposition
We believe there are five distinct values that women should look for when they desire to grow and mature spiritually. These values are:

Emotional Healing – LIH is an interactive study that develops your relationship with God, sister friends, family, and your circle of influence. It is not a typical bible study group. What makes it so different and unique is a sense of emotional healing that takes place in a small-group setting. These issues can consist of personal, professional, family or church-life concerns that God wants to heal in you so He can use you for Kingdom work–your next assignment. The LIH study successfully tackles issues that many have found challenging to address in a congregational or natural setting.

Intimacy – LIH is a powerful proven developmental study designed for women who desire a more intimate and Love relationship with Jesus Christ. When women Fall In Love with Christ:

  • Families are healed
  • Relationships are mended
  • Marriages are restored
  • Communities are re-established

Spiritual Empowerment – LIH is non-denominational and focuses on your personal relationship with God, not your church. Therefore, God will meet you where you are and move you closer to your God given destiny, which is bigger than where you are right now. LIH grows and empowers you spiritually. It teaches you how to:

  • Unleash the POWER within
  • Develop daily QUIET TIME
  • Have VICTORY over situations
  • STAND boldly for what you believe

Growth & Maturity – LIH help you grow and become spiritually grounded. The maturity of what this study does is phenomenal. Something happens on the inside that makes a change on the outside.  Women become:

  • Knowledgeable of her self-worth
  • More responsible role models in the world at large
  • Eager, faithful participants in their families, churches, work life and community
  • Confident in knowing and exercising their spiritual gifts

Lifelong Sisterhood – This ministry has been called by God to help women navigate through the pain of relationships, church hurts, work issues and family demands. To accomplish this, the 21st century woman needs intimacy, community and sisterhood to meet the challenges of today. LIH offers continued sisterhood, comradery, congenial relationships and lifelong friendships –much like a spiritual sorority.



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