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3rdTheme: I am delivered from being quiet, people pleasing, and looking to a man for validation.

The DDS ministry changed my life. DDS showed me that I can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how to obtain it. My faith grew during my quiet times with God. I learned that I have access to the Holy Spirit……………….

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Lorna Mitchell

How the Ladies of Divine Discipleship for Sisters (DDS) Had My Back

My God, my God, how amazing.  God has a way of looking out for us even when we have no idea what we need.  In 2006 a few months after joining FBCG, I was invited to join a ministry call Divine Discipleship for Sisters (DDS) which was just being introduced into the church………………

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My LIH experience was amazing! I saw the Lord transform women’s lives. Revelation of His Word brought new life to us all. Women for the first time had a safe place to be transparent. As a result of this experience, sisters were healed by God, redeemed, delivered from shame, hurt, and pain. Women who were broken have been knit back together and set free to serve others in the Kingdom of God.

Danielle Simms
DDS 2005 graduate


Like many Christians, I grew up in the church attending bible study, listening to the word, singing in the choir and participating in ministries. Yet, I still felt as though something was missing. The missing link was intimacy with Christ. Living In Him and Masterlife, the two curriculums under the umbrella of Divine Discipleship for Sisters, helped to redefine my relationship with Christ. Today I’m more confident with myself and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Regenia Mapson
DDS 2006 graduate

DDS gave me the desire to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this intensive program, I gained a greater understanding of God, myself and other people. I’ve developed lifelong relationships with the women who took the journey with me because we shared secrets, learned and memorized scripture together, and prayed for one another. DDS also has provided the opportunity to use the gifts God has given me in a variety of ways.

This is a life-changing experience every woman should undertake. Although our churches are full of women, many are unhappy and miserable due to their inability to understand themselves and really apply the word of God to their everyday lives. I believe this program can help every woman understand herself and overcome challenges in her home, marriage and community by learning to first seek the face of Christ.

Laura Jackson
DDS 2006 graduate

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