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History of DDS

The seed for the Deborah Leaner Group (DLG) was planted in 1997 after Minister Deborah Leaner
completed a one year intensive discipleship course that equipped, restored, and transformed her life. In
2002, Minister Leaner began preparing for her walk toward the vision God had given her.

In January 2003, Minister Leaner stepped out on faith and created Divine Discipleship for Sisters (DDS),
a women’s discipleship ministry designed for women who desired to have a more intimate, close, and
personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The discipleship class began with five spirit-filled and eager
women. They graduated in August 2003 equipped, restored, and transformed. DDS’s second class
began in September 2004 with 17 women and five co-laborers. They graduated in April 2004. DDS’s
third nine month discipleship class started August 30, 2004 with 55 women equally excited to journey
closer to God. DDS equipped, restored, and transformed 55 women excited to co-labor other women as
they grew in their relationship with God.

The Deborah Leaner Group broadened its mission in December 2003 with the publication of Beauty
for Ashes, a semi-monthly magazine written by and for Christian women. In April 2004, DLG hosted its
first women’s conference entitled “Extraordinary Women on the Move for God.” Workshop sessions
included “Developing Your Spiritual Gifts,” “The Power of Prayer,” “The Gift of Servant hood,” “Financial Freedom,” “Abandoning Anger and Embracing Love,” “A Women of Influence,” “Complete in Our Singleness,” and “Living with Illness in the Family.” Hundreds of women attended and God was truly

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