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3rdTheme: I am delivered from being quiet, people pleasing, and looking to a man for validation.
The DDS ministry changed my life. DDS showed me that I can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how to obtain it. My faith grew during my quiet times with God. I learned that I have access to the Holy Spirit, who is my helper. The ministry encouraged me to read, know, and stand on God’s word. I am so thankful to Jesus for directing me to this ministry. I met true Christian women and gained friends. These women were running after God, which encouraged me to seek and trust God more.

The ministry prepared me to depend on God. I know my relationship with Jesus saved my life in June 2015. I was in my red Honda Fit car and a large white Chevy 350 truck hit my car at an intersection in DC and I walked away with a small airbag burn on my wrist. During the accident, all I could do was say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” and the angels covered me totally. Hallelujah!! God is so good.

“I know that God orders our steps and that all things work together for the good of those who are the called according to His purpose.” -Rom. 8:28

I know that I know I am God’s child and will speak the word only.

Marquesca Taylor
Class of 2011
First Baptist Church of Glenarden

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